Japan Men’s National Team – Result of Champions Challenge 1 (5th placed match)

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Result of Champions Challenge 1- 5th placed match

   Japan Men’s National Team (world rank 16th) won the game with Canada (world rank 14th) by 4-2 in the 5th placed match of the Champions Challenge 1. (3 wins, 1d draw and 2 losses in total) This is the best record in Japan men’s history as same as the Champions Challenge 1 in Kuala Lumpur 2001 and  Boom 2007.

   In addition, Japan Men’s National Team received a “Fair Play’ prize, following the Champions Challenge 1in Boom 2007.

   In the final, Argentina won Korea by 6-0 to be qualified for Champions Trophy. This is their 3th qualification and their first in 3 years.

Game Result (local time)

Game No. 22    (11:00- December 3)   
4 2 (1st) 1
2 (2nd) 1


  • Fukushiro(1), Kawakami(1), Tsubouchi(1), Tachibana(1)

Final Result

Rank Team
Champion Argentina (world rank 10th,  3 times, the first in 3 years)
2nd Korea (world rank 7th)
3rd Ireland (world rank 15th)
4th Malaysia (world rank 13rd)
5th Japan (world rank 16th, Fair Play Award)
6th Canada (world rank 14th)
7th South Africa (world rank 12nd)
8th Poland (world rank 19th)


  • MVP (Most Valuable Players : Lucas Vila (Argentina)
  • MVG (Most Valuable Goal Keeper) : David Harte (Ireland)
  • Top Scorer : Jang Jong Hyun (Korea) – 8 goals
  • Fair Play Award : Japan

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