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   As part of junior high school education,  we provide junior high school students an opportunity to play hockey from a broad perspective and aim for their hockey enhancement and their spiritual elevation of amateur sports. Also, we develop junior high school students who are mentally and physically sound, and promote friendship among them (6 on 6 hockey game). In addition, Japan Olympic Committee supports this competition as JOC Junior Olypmic Cup in order to develop Olympic players in the future.

Name JOC Junior Olympic Cup
All-Japan Junior High School Tournament (the 42nd)
Place Gifu-ken Green Stadium
Period From August 16 to 19, 2013
Host Japan Hockey Association
Co-Host Gifu-ken, Gifu-ken Educational Committee, Gifu-ken Hockey Association, Kakamigahara-shi Hockey Association, Kakamigahara-shi, Kakamigahara-shi Educational Committee, Gifu-ken Junior High School Athletic Federation
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • Japanese Olympic Committee
  • Gifu-ken
  • Japan Junior High School Athletic Federation
  • Gifu-ken Athletic Association
  • Kakamigahara-shi Athletic Committee
  • The Gifu Shimbun
  • Gifu Broadcasting Co.,ltd
  • Gifu Channel
  • F.M Gifu Broadcasting Co.,ltd
Administration The 43th All-Japan Junior High School Tournament Executive Committee
Participating Teams Each 24 men’s and women’s team 
Game Management Preliminary Legue among 3 teams and final tournament, no 3rd placed match
Admission Fee Free (General Seating)

Participating Team

Game Schedule & Tournament Chart

Game Result 

1st day

2nd day

Final day

Final Rank


Rank Team Prefecture
Champion Asahi (3 times in 2 years) Fukui
2nd Nita Shimane
3rd Seto Okayama
3rd Imaichi Tochigi


Rank Team Prefecture
Champion Kaniya (2 times in 6 years) Toyama
2nd Yokota Shimane
3rd Horiguchi, Dai Ichi Aomori
3rd Asahi Fukui


Gifu-ken Green Stadium

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