All-Star Game

1. Competition

  • All Star Game of Takamadonomiya Cup Hockey Japan League 2010

2. Organaizer

  • A corporate judicial person: Japan Hockey Association

3. Administrator

  • Hockey Japan League Association
  • Gifu-Ken Hockey Association

4. Sponser

  • Japan Top League Alliance

5. Date and Place

  • 11 October 2010
  • Gifu Green Stadium

*  Kids School  9:30AM-

The 1st Game Women’s All Star Game 11:00AM-

East Japan All Stars vs West Japan All Stars

The 2nd Game Men’s All Star Game 1:00PM-

East Japan All Stars vs West Japan All Stars

6. Team Formation

<Women’s All Star>

East Japan All Stars

  • Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies
  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Yamanashi Gakuin CROWNING GLORIES
  • Tokai Gakuin University

West Japan All Stars

  • Coca-Cola West Red Sparks
  • Nanto Ginko
  • Tenri University Bears
  • Ritumeikan University Hollys 

<Men’s All Star>

West Japan All Stars

  • Nagoya Frater Hockey Team
  • Yamanashi Gakuin OCTOBER EAGLES
  • ALDER Hanno
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture
  • Hosei University

West Japan All Stars

  • Oyabe RED OX
  • Ritumeikan University Hollys 
  • Selrio Shimane 
  • Tenri University Bears
  • Gifu Asahi Club

7. Team Manager and Players-Selected

  • 1 team = 1 Manager,  1 Coach, 18 Players
  • Players = 11 Players Chosen by Fan Votes, 7 Players Chosen by  the Recommendations of the Managers

8. Game

  • Followed by the Hockey Rule set by Japan Hockey Association
  • 70 mitutes Game (35 minutes half )
  • No Extended Game in case of Standoff and Ranking was decided by Penalty Stroke

9. Awards

  • MVP

10. Admission

  • Free of Charge

11. Reference

Hockey Japan League Office

Official Sponsor

Diamond Sponsor

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.

Official Sponsor

SOMPO Care T.F.K Inc. T.F.K Inc.

Official Supplier

MIZUNO Corporation
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