To experience joy and fun for hockey competition, acquire more technique and sportsmanship, moreover, deepen exchange with other players in Japan,  Japan Junior Sports-Club Hockey Game is held.

Implementation Guideline

Name Japan Junior Sports-Club Hockey Game (the 35th)
Host Japan Sports Association, Japan Hockey Association
Co-Host Akita-ken Amatuer Sports Association, Hago-shi Amatuer Sports Association, Akita-ken, Akita-ken Educational Committee, Akita-ken Hockey Association, Hago-shi Hockey Association, Akita-ken Junior Sports Association, Hago-shi Junior Sports Association
Place Akita-ken Hago-cho Multipurpose Park
Administration Administration Committee of Japan Junior Sport-Club Hockey Game, Akita-ken Hockey Association
Sponser Akita-ken, Akita-ken Educational Committee, The Akita Nippo
Game Group League, Final Tournament, Friendly Tournament
Period From August 9th to 12nd, 2013
Admission Fee Free

Overall Schedule

Section Date Place

1,Coach Meeting

August 9 


2,Exchange Meeting 

August 9


3,Opening Ceremony  

August 9



August 10-12

Hago-cho Multipurpose Park

5, Awards and Closing Ceremony 

After all Games, August 12

Hago-cho Multipurpose Park

Game Schedule

Game Results

1st day

2nd day

Final day

Final Rank


Rank Team Prefecture
Champion Kakamigahara Gifu
2nd Tobu Toyama
3rd Kobayashi Elementary School Tochigi
3rd Omura H,C Tochigi


Rank Team Prefecture
Champion Asahi Fukui
2nd Freeden Tochigi
3rd Kubo, Ikkatai Iwate
3位 Otani Toyama

Friendly Tournament (Boy)

Rank Team Prefecture
Champion Kawanishi Yamagata
2nd Kubo, Ikkatai Iwate
3rd Kawaguchi Iwate
3rd Imaichi Dai 3 Elementary School Tochigi

Friendly Tournament (Girl)

Rank Team Prefecture
Champion Mizuhori, Numakunai Iwate
2nd Omuro H, C Tochigi
3rd Tsukidate Miyagi
3rd Tanagura Fukushima


Hago-cho Multipurpose Park

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