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National Women’s Championship (the 71st)

  • From December 8th to December 12nd, 2010
  • Okayama-ken :Okayama-shi Seto-cho Rest Park Hockey Field


National Men’s Championship (the 84th)

  • From December 8th to 12nd, 2010
  • Okayama-ken :Akaiwa-shi Kumayama Athletic Park


National Sports Festival (the 65th)

  • 29 November- 4 October, 2010
  • Chiba-ken Isumi-shi Ohara Ground Field Athletic Field
    Shirako Sports Promotion Hotel Union Soccer Field

第65回国民体育大会 ホッケー競技

Men’s Amateur National Championship (the 52nd)

  • 11-15 September, 2010
  • Yamaguchi-ken :Kuga Sogo Park Artificial Turf Multipurpose Ground
    Yamaguchi Japan Expo Yamaguchi Kirara Memorial Park Multipurpose Dome


Japan High School All-Star’s the Netherlands Tour 2010

  • Youth International Hockey Tournament
  • 22-24 May 2010
  • Eindhoven in the Netherlands


2010 Hockey Japan League Men’s Playoff

  • 12-13 June 2010
  • Gifu-ken Green Stadium


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