2012 London Olympic Qualifier

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2012 London Olympic Qualifier is the world final qualifier that men and women aim for  3 each final spots for the London Olympics. The places were separated ; Japan, Ireland and India for men, Japan, Belgium, and India for women.

Japan women’s national team is trying for the 3 consecutive participation, follwoing Athens and Beijing. Japan men’s team also challenges for the first qualification in 44 years since 1968 Mexico Olympics.

Name 2012 London Olympic Qualifier
Host International Hockey Federation
Administration Japan Hockey Association
Date April 25th to May 6th 2012
Place Gifu-ken Green Stadium (Gifu-ken Kakamigahara-shi)
Participating Countries [Women] Japan, Azerbaijan, Chile, Belarus, Malaysia, Austria
[Men] South Africa, Japan, China, Austria, Czech Republic, Brazil
Contact Organizing Committee Head Office (Gifu-ken Kakamigahara-shi Sports Department)

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Gifu-ken Green Stadium – Map

6-1-4 Shimokiri-cho Kakamigahara-shi Gifu-ken, Japan  504-0924

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