Sakura Japan Members in the World Cup

August 19th, 2010
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Japan Hockey Association

The announcement of Sakura Japan Memeber in the World Cup
2 players were chosen from High school

   We announced the members of Sakura Japan who participated in the Women’s World Cup, which was held at Rosario in Argentina on August 29th.

   Sakura Japan comes into the third successive and seventh World Cup, after clearing the Qualifying Game at Kazan in Russia, with starting  from  10 players without any captains last year. We announce the 18 national players who should blow cherry blossom on this great stage along with the Olympics.

   The leading players are listed;  7 plaers from Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies that belongs to Hockey Japan League, such as Yuka Yamamoto and Miyuki Nakagawa, and 3 players from Coca Cola West Red Sparks, such as Rika Komazawa and Mayumi Ono. 

   This time, 2 high scholl students were chosen; Aki Yamada from Hagoromo High School and Yuri Nagai from Gifu Kakamino High School.  Especially, Nagai’s Mother was a person who also competed at the World Cup at Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1981. Throughout this World Cup, they accomplish a great achievement over the 2 generations.

Game Schedule

  • vs Australia : 19:30-  August 30th
  • vs Germany : 19:30-  September 1st
  • vs New Zealand : 19:30-  September 3rd
  • vs India : 14:30- September 5th 
  • vs Neitherland : 17:00- September 7th
  • Semifinal Game, 11st and 12nd Consolation Final : September 9th
  • 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th, 9th and 10th Consolation Final : September 10th
  • Final Game, Bronze Medal Match : September 11st



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