Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies’ 4th consecutive title in HJL!

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Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies’ 4th consecutive title in Japan Hockey League!

   The final section of Hockey Japan League was held at Ritumei University Hiragino Hockey Stadium in Kyoto-shi and Yamanashi Gakuin Hockey Stadium in Kofu-shi on September 20th.  Since they won Tenri Bears by 1-0 yesterday, they just need one more win to get a title. Today, they defeated Ritumei University by 3-0, and pull off their 11st victory this season. With the result of 34 points, Sony achieved 4th consecutive title in this early stage even though Coca-Cola West Red Sparks wins the rest of 2 games.  

   At the same time, it was also fixed that Coca-Cola West Red Sparks ranked the 2nd for the second consecutive year. This season, Sony’s strength was outstandings on goal differential compared with the last season when teams battled each other down to the end for victory. With regard to the goal difference, Sony is 47, Coca-Cola’s 23.

   In the final section, which team will get  the 3rd grade among 4 teams?  Is Sony going to finish the last game with their complete win?

   The final round is worth noticing against Sony HC vs Coca-Cola West.

   This season will be closed at Green Stadium in Gifu on October 9th and 10th.


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