The Friendly Match Schedule

A corporate judicial person: Japan Hockey Association

The Friendly Match Schedule

   Japanese National Team  plays friendly games as the schedule below ; Women’s national team plays with Australia and Men’s plays with Russia in Japan. All of the games of both men and women will be held at Gifu-ken Green Stadium.


  • 1st  15:00 start on 21 October 
  • 2nd   15:00 start on 23 October
  • 3rd 17:00 start on 24 October 
  • 4th 15:00 start on 26 October  
  • Final 15:00 start on 27 October


  • 1st 17:30 start on 21 October
  • 2nd 17:30 start on 22 October 
  • 3rd 18:30 start on 24 October 
  • Final   16:00 start on 25 October


If you have any questions about this matter, please call or e-mail below.

Japan Hockey Association Office

TEL :+81-3-3481-2330
FAX :+81-3-3481-2329
E-mail :[email protected]

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