Thank you for your donation for Shuki Aso-kun

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“Thank you for your donation for Shuki Aso-kun”

   Akihisa Aso who is Referee of Japan Rugby Top League that belongs to Japan Top League Association, has a 2 years old son whose name is Shuki. He was born with a heart defect and suffered severe a heart failure in this August.

   Dilated cardiomyopathy is a specified intractable illnesses that makes cardiac muscle dilated and diluted, and finally lead to a death. If the condion becomes extremely ill like Shuki-kun, there are no ways except heart transplants to help.

   According to the revised Act on Organ Transplantation in July 2010, organ donation under 15 years old is permitted legally and Shuki-kun is recognized as a cardiac transplant patient from Japanese Circulation Society.

   However, an organ donation for Shuki-kun needs the same-size heart as Shuki-kun’s. Considering that Japan has no case of an organ donation from a child, there are not any possibility to help Shuki-kun. 

   Therefore, Shuki-kun was obliged to call for the department of pediatrics Loma Linda University in America, and obtained their informal consent for his acceptance.

   Despite An organ donation in America costs over 1 million dollar, official supports such as health insurance could not be provieded. It is an amount that can not be covered by a personal payment.

   As Japan Rugby Top League, we are involved with fund-raiser for Shuki-kun in order to save Shuki-kun’s life in a spirit of “FOR ALL”

   Japan Hockey Association also agreed with this support and annouced it on this web site.

   Please click the following URL to see the detail.

   Anything you could do for him would be very much appreciated.


For any other queries, please contact the undersigned directly.

Japan Hockey Association Officials

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