Sakura Japan Took a Championship in Champions Challenge Ⅰ

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All the Results of Women’s Champion’s ChallengeⅠ- Sakura Japan Took a Championship  


   We’re glad to hear that things are going well for you. We would like to express my thanks for your loyal patronage.  This time, we announce the all the results of Women’s Champion’s ChallengeⅠ. 

   On June 26th (the final day), Japan took on the United States in the first-place match. In the game, Japan came from behind against the United States for a 3-2 victory and became a gold medalist at FIH Champions Challenge 2011.

   As a result, Japan was qualified for the Champions Trophy that will be held among the world’s 8 gratests teams at Argentina in January, 2012.

Final Rank

  1. Japan 
  2. the United States 
  3. Scotland 
  4. Spain
  5. South Africa 
  6. Ireland
  7. India
  8. Azerbaijan 

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