NHK broadcast of Sakura Japan – Passion for the London Olympics

A corporate judicial person:
Japan Hockey Association

TV Broadcast of Sakura Japan


   We announce  that women’s national team “Sakura Japan” will be introduced on the TV program below.

  1. Program :   SPORTS Domingo 
  2. Date and Time :   BS1 from 11:00 to 11:29 pm on August 28th 
    * Please note that the airdate is  subject to change for some reasons.
  3. Station :   NHK
  4. Content :   Sakura Japan – Passion for the London Olympics
               * Live TV program from NHK Studio
  5. Casts :    Yukari Yamamoto, Ai Murakami (Sakura Japan Player)
    【Emcee Daisuke Ohata (a former Rugby national team player), Hideki Sugioka (NHK announcer)



For any other queries, please contact the undersigned directly.

Japan Hockey Association Officials 

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