Ritumeikan University won their first title in Men’s HJL 2011

Hockey Japan League


Ritumeikan University won their first Japan League title


   With the result of the playoff final in Hockey Japan League at Green Stadium, Ritumeikan University beat Nagoya Frater Hockey Team in Penalty Stroke 5-3 and won their first title in Men’s Hockey Japan League.

   In the final, Nagoya Frater kept their 1 point lead given by Penalty Corner (PC) in the 1st half, but just before the end of the game, Ritumei evened the score from a PC and went into extra time. Extra game also ended without any scores. Finally, Ritumei won Nagoya in a Penalty Stroke by the score of 5-3.

    This is the 1st victory for Ritumeikan University since they participated in Hockey Japan League in 2002. In the 3rd placed match, Asahi Club won Oyabe Red OX by 4-2 to finish 3rd. 



Final Rank

  1. Ritumeikan University HOLLYS
  2. Nagoya Frater Hockey Team
  3. Asahi Club BLUE DEVILS
  4. Oyabe Red OX


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