U-18 Women’s National Team Received “Japan Sports Award”

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Japan Hockey Association

U-18 Japan Women’s National Team received Japan Sports Award from the Yomiuri Shimbun

   U-18 Japan Women’s National Team, who won the Asia Cup held at Bangkok in Thailand in September, was determined to receive  “Japan Sports Award. In the preliminary round, they lost to Korea, but advanced to the semifinalwith 3 wins against 1 loss. Moreover, they won India by 4-3 and achieved the first-ever tournament final. In the final against China, they saved one goal made in second half, and won the Asia cup for the first time.

   It is worth being a Asian Champion over Korea and China who have stood up to Japan, including the national team.  We would like to follow their success for the next London Olympics and moreover, the Rio de Janeiro’s Olympics in 2016.

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