New Year’s Address

Motohiro Yoshida

Greetings for the new year.

Last year, the Great East Japan Earthquake left a wide scar not only in Japan but also over the world. We must overcome this difficult time together towards the reconstruction with lifting up Japan through hockey and other sports. Your best contribution would be deeply appreciated. 

Under this tough situation, we must walk through “the path to glory for Japan Hockey” as our new target. 

Based on the power supported by middle-aged hokcey lovers, we popularize Hockey through Japan with the strategic public relations. Moreover, we aim at both men’s and women’s qualifications in London Olympics whose final preliminary tournament will be held at Gifu Prefectural Green Stadium at Kagamihara-City in Gifu Prefecture from April 25 to May 6. As always, we appreciate your continuing support for our activities.

In addition, we focus on the issue of financial foundation, commercial sponsors and human resource development together with each Prefectural Association and each Committee in Japan Hockey Association.

Finally, we change its corporate status from incorporated association into Authorization of Public Interest Incorporated Associations. Therefore, we highly contribute Japan and world hockey development through international competitions, especially the Olympic Preliminary tournament hosted in Japan.

One and all who love Japan Hockey and domestic sports activities, we will appreciate your further help and encouragement for Japan Hockey Development.

As the new year starts, I wish for you, your family, and your companies happiness and growth.

Yours sincerely,
Motohiro Yoshida

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