Announcement of Women’s National Championship 2012

Japan Hockey Association

Match-up of Women’s National Championship 2012

   We announce that Women’s National Championship 2012 are subject to fees for entrance.

   Nara Hockey Association will donate part of the profits from sales to Tohoku people who faced the Tohoku earthquake, via the Mainichi Shimbun Osaka Community Services Administration.


Name Women’s  National Championship (the 73rd)
Place Oyasato Hockey Field
Period From November 22 to 25, December 1 and 2, 2012
Participating Teams 8 teams (Amateur 4, University 4)
Game Management After the preliminary league within 2 groups, each top 2 teams advance to semifinal. 2 teams winnig the semifinal advance to the final. (the 3rd placed match will not be held)
Host Japan Hockey Association
Sponser The Mainichi Shimbun
Administrator Nara Hockey Association
Admission Fee
  • Preliminary League 1 day ticket
    Adult 1,000 yen, High School 500 yen, Junior High School free
  • Consolation Final
    Adult 2,000 yen, High School 1,000 yen, Junior High School free

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