New Year Greeting

A corporate judicial person:
Japan Hockey Association

New Year Greeting from Chairperson

 In the middle of recovering from the Tohoku Earthquake, as well as the turning point of changing the world leaders including Japan, Japan Hockey worked on “men and women’s appearance in the London Olympic ” and achived 50% by Sakura Japan’s great efforts. We really appreciate your supports and cooperations in the London Olympic and the Olympic Preliminay at Gifu Green Stadium.

   Finally, Japan Hockey Association changede its body into a public interest incorporated association on  this April. We not only take advantage of this change but also are responsible for its management as a public-interest corporation. At first, we sometimes become confused, but we promise to overcom this difficulty with members of Japan Hockey Association, prefectural secretaries and concerned bodies. Anything you could do for our challenge would be very much appreciated.

   In order to promote “the path to glory for Japan Hockey”, we need to develop hockey with a core of masters, and cultivate qualified coaches, referees and administrative officers. As for the system, we continue to enhance consistent coaching system, international activities and stragetic public relations. For these activies, we also face the needs of basic financial strength this year, but we try to work toward the better environment for Japan Hockey.

  In this year, we find out the new target to “Rio de Janeiro” to achieve “men and women’s appearance in the Olympic “. In order to make this hope a reality, we need a person with more challenging spirit and a passion. It is   “Cheerful, Friendly, Powerful” organizationl management and cultivation of a new challenger who is in charge of the next generation that leads to the new hockey in the next generation. We hope to take a further step with all of you.

  For sports lovers in Japan, as well as hockey lovers, we would like you to know how grateful we are  for your additional guidance and cooperation with us.

  We wish your a happy new year.

on January 1, 2013

A corporate judicial person: Japan Hockey Association
Chairperson Motohito Yoshida


For any other queries, please contact the undersigned directly.

Japan Hockey Association Officials 

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