Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 has started!

Hockey Japan League

Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 has started!

   Men’s Hockey Japan League (the 12nd) has started at Yamanashi and Saitama place today. The opening games are “Gifu Asahi Club (BLUE DEVILS) vs. Tenri University Bears at Yamanashi ” and “Fukui Club and Hosei University at Saitama”.

   Domestic top 12 teams such as Ritumeikan University who aims for the 3 consecutive championship and Nagoya Frater Hockey Team who tries to regain the championship, play round robin matches in the 1st game (6 sections, 66 games) . 

   From September 22, top 6 teams in the round robin matches, have a playoff as a tournament and decide the Japan League champion.

Game Outline

Name 2013 Men’s Hockey Japan League
Implementation Guidance 2013 Hockey Japan League Implementaion Guidance
Period April 13 – November 17, 2013
Administrator Hockey Japan League
  • Nikko-shi Hockey Field
  • Hanno-shi Azu Hockey Field
  • Hosei University Tama Campus Hockey Field
  • Yamanashi Gakuin Hockey Stadium
  • Oyabe Hockey Field
  • Echizen-cho Asahi Sogo Athletic Field (Echizen-cho Aritificial Turf Hockey Field)
  • Gifu-ken Green Stadium
  • Ritumeikan University Hiragino Hockey Field
  • Oyasato Hockey Field
  • Minari Park Hockey Field
  • Ritumeikan University Hollys
  • Nagoya Frater Hockey Team
  • Gifu Asahi Club (BLUE DEVILS)
  • Fukui Club
  • Tenri University Bears
  • ALDER Hanno
  • Yamanashi Gakuin OCTOBER EAGLES
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture
  • Oyabe RED OX
  • Selrio Shimane
  • Hosei Univeristy
  • Shinryo

* in order of the records last year

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