Sony regained the Championship in Women’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – 16th day result (final section)

Hockey Japan League

Women’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – 16th day result (final section)

   It was the last day of Women’s Hockey Japan League 2013. In the 4th game, Sony HC Bravia Ladies won Coca Cola West Red Sparks by 4-1 and regained the championship in this season. As a result, Sony tied the championship record of Tenri University.

   For this, Women’s Hockey Japan League closed. Thank you for your cheering.

Rank (Final Result)

Rank Team Played Wins Draws Losses TG GD Points
1 [↑] SONY HC BRAVIA Ladies 14 13 1 0 62 55 40
2 [↓] Coca Cola West Red Sparks 14 12 1 1 70 62 37
3 [•] Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS 14 8 1 5 28 9 25
4 [•] Glaxo Smith Kline 14 8 1 5 26 0 25
5 [↑] Yamanashi Gakuin CROWNING GLORIES 14 4 1 9 19 -21 13
6 [↑] Ritumeikan University 14 4 0 10 12 -20 12
7 [↓] Tokai Gakuin University 14 4 0 10 15 -30 12
8 [•] Tenri University 14 0 1 13 5 -55 1

Women’s Japan League – Game Results (Final day)

Game No.53 9:30  at Tochigi
 Ritumeikan University – Tenri University Bears
4 3 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 1
  • Ritumeikan controlled the game, but could not make a decisive chance.
  • For its part, Tenri could not attack into Ritumeikan’s position.
  • 24th min: Ritumeikan #13 Sasaki made a touched-shot in front of GK to open the scoring.
  • 30th min: RItumeikan #7 Sakai made a reversed-shot against a hit-pass from the center into the net.
  • 33rd min: Ritumeikan #7 Sakai made the 3rd goal.
  • The first half ended by 3-0.
  • In the second half, Tenri attacked repeatedly, but could not score.
  • 45th min: Ritumeikan blocked dribbling and passed to each other, finally #7 Sakai made the 4th goal to achieve her hat-trick.
  • 63rd min: Tenri #26 Emura who received a pass, made a beautiful reversed-shot to take one goal back, but Ritumeikan won the game by 4-1.


Game No.54 11:10  at Tochigi
Tokai Gakuin University – Yamanashi Gakuin GROWNING GLORIES
1 0 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 3
  • In the beginning of the game, both team repeated hard offense and defense.
  • 8th min: Yamanashi got a PC, but it was saved finely by Tokai GK.
  • Although both team had some chances, the first half ended without any scores.
  • 37th min: Yamanashi #15 Nishinaga hit the rebound from Tokai GK into the net.
  • 44th min: Yamanashi #9 Urashima dribbled through the scramble in front of the goal and made an additional goal.
  • 47th min: Tokai got a PC and #4 Yoshiura touched a hit-pass from #14 Yoshihara into the net.
  • 63rd min: Yamanashi #10 Goshima slot a loose ball from passing into the goal.
  • Tokai made some chances, but could not score and Yamanashi won the game by 3-1.


Game No.55 12:50  at Tochigi
 Glaxo Smith Kline – Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS
5 2 (1st) 0
3 (2nd) 1
  • In the beginning of the game, Nanto got a PC, but it was blocked by Glaxo’s GK.
  • 11st & 21st min: Glaxo got PCs, but could not score.
  • 25th min: Glaxo got a PC and #8 Katamine touched a sweep-pass from #8 Katamine into the goal.
  • 32nd min: Glaxo #11 Shibata slot the loose ball from a hit-pass into the net.
  • The first half ended by 2-0 with Glaxo’s lead.
  • 38th min: Glaxo #6 Nakauji made a touched shot to a pass from #11 Wakayanagi in the left side and scored the 3rd goal.
  • After that, Nanto also had a chance like #10 Otuka’s shot and PCs, but they were saved finely by Glaxo GK #18 Oie.
  • 45th min: Glaxo got an additional goal from an own goal.
  • 57th min: Glaxo got a PC and #8 Katamine scored the 5th goal by her touched-shot.
  • 66th min: Nanto got one goal back, but finally, Glaxo won the game by 5-1.


Game No.56 14:30  at Tochigi
Sony HC Bravia Ladies – Coca Cola West Red Sparks
4 2 (1st) 0
2 (2nd) 1
  • This was the final game that both team aimed at a championship.
  • From the beginning of the game, both team shifted offense and defense speedy.
  • 11st min: CCWR got 3 consecutive PC chances, but could not score against Sony’s hard defense.
  • 21st min: Sony #9 Kim’s pass made the opponent’s mistake and opened the scoring.
  • 22nd min: Sony #3 Oikawa scored 2-0 by her touched-shot.
  • After that, the game went on with Sony’s pace, but no goal can be made.
  • Just before the end of the first half, CCWR got a PC, but the shot went away from a goal and went into the second stanza.
  • In the second half, CCWR counterattacked and got 3 consecutive PC chances, but could not score.
  • 46th min: Sony intercepted a pass and passed to each other in the middle and finally, #11 Sato touched a pass from #7 Tokui into the net.
  • 60th min: CCWR #11 Komazawa cut the lead by 2 point by her reversed-shot, but their counterattack ended here.
  • On the contrary, Sony made use of CCWR’s passing mistake and got a PC. #9 Kim made a goal to decide the game.
  • As a result, Sony won the game by 4-1 to regain the championship. This was their 6th championship in 3 years.


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