Women’s National Team – the 3rd Game of the World League Semifinal

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Result of the 3rd game of FIH World League 2012-14 Semifinal (Rotterdam) – Women’s National Team (Sakura Japan)

   Japan national team (world rank 9th) lost the 3rd game with Korea (world rank 18th) by 3-4. As a result, Japan is determined to become 2nd or 3rd place in Group A. Final rank of Japan will be fixed after the game “the Netherlands against Chile” at 23:30 tonight. Japan advances to the quarterfinal that starts on 18th. Each game in FIH World League is broadcasting in YOUTUBE FIH CHANNEL.

Game Result

Game No.9 Opening Game (16:30- June 16)
Japan– Korea
  3 3 (1st) 1
0 (2nd) 3


  • 15th min (1st half) : Miyuki Nakagawa (Sony HC Bravia Ladies) – PG
  • 22nd min (1st half) : Rika Komazawa (Coca Cola West Red Sparks) – FC
  • 25th min (1st half) : Ayaka Nishimura (Coca Cola West Red Sparks) – FG


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