Men’s National Team – the 2nd Game of the World League Semifinal

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Result of the 2nd game of FIH World League Semifinal (2012-14/ Johor Bahru) – Men’s National Team (Samurai Japan)

   Japan national team (world rank 16th) lost Argentina (world rank 10th) by 1-7 in the 2nd game of the World League Semifinal. As a result, Japan dropped into 4th place in Group A with 1 draw and 1 loss. Argentina became the top with more points than Germany that won Korea.and Argentina in Group A also tied the game, and 4 teams have the same rank in a group. Next game with Germany (world rank 1st & last champion in the Olympic) will be held at 16:00 on July 2. Each game in FIH World League is broadcasting in YOUTUBE FIH CHANNEL.

Game Result

Game No.5 A  Opening Game (16:00- June 30)
Japan– Argentina
  1 0 (1st) 3
1 (2nd) 4


  • 35th min (2nd half) : DF#30 Katuyoshi Nagasawa (Nagoya Frater Hockey Team) – PC

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