Japan Men’s National Team stays 16th in the World Ranking

Japan Hockey Association 

FIH Updated the Men’s World Ranking

   FIH announced the latest men’s world ranking on June 7 after the World League Semifinal and Japan men’s national team stays the 16th. Japan that won all the game in Round 2 and finished the Semifinal with the record of 1 win, 1 draw, 4 losses, got 1,203 points with more 170 points than before. Japan comes close to Ireland that ranks 15th in the world ranking, only 12 points away from them. The top of the ranking, New Zealand that finished 4th in Rotterdam, advanced to 6th from 5th. Korea that finished 4th in Johor Bahru, advances to the 6th as well as Spain. Pakistan that finished 7th in Johor Bahru, dropped into 8th from 5th. The ranking from the top (Germany) to the 4th (England) has not been changed.

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