Men’s National Team – Result of the 3rd Game of the Asia Cup 2013 (Ipoh)

Japan Hockey Association 

Result of the 3rd Game of Men’s Asia Cup 2013 (Ipoh)

   We announce that Japan Men’s National Team (world rank 16th) lost the 3rd game with Malaysia (world rank 13rd, Host) by 2-4 in the Asia Cup 2013. As a result, Japan has 1 win and 2 losses with 3 points and missed the semifinal to be qualified for the World Cup. Japan has the consolation final to decide 5th to 8th place at 16:00 on August 30.

Game Result

Game No.10 3rd Game (21:05- August 25)
Japan – Malaysia

2 (1st) 2
0 (2nd) 2



  • 6th min – PC – Toshiro Tachibana (Nagoya Frater Hockey Team)
  • 8th min – FG – Kei Kawakami (Nagoya Frater Hockey Team)

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