Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – 10th day result (5th section)

Hockey Japan League

Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013 – 10th day result (5th section)

   We announce the 10th day result of the 5th section in Men’s Hockey Japan League 2013.

Men’s Japan League – Game Results

Game No.55 11:30  at Fukui
ALDER Hanno – Oyabe Red OX
4 2 (1st) 0
2 (2nd) 3
  • 11st min: Hanno #9 Fukushima’s pass led to #11 Kitazato’s goal
  • The game went on with Hanno’s pace, but Oyabe GK showed his fine save.
  • 28th min: Hanno #17 Ito slot the rebound from PC into the goal.
  • 46th min: Oyabe got a PS and #6 Kawai scored.
  • After that, Oyabe #6 Kawai made a goal from PC, to tie the score at 2-2.
  • 58th min: Hanno got a PC and #11 Kitazato scored.
  • After that, Hanno also scored to pull Oyabe away.
  • 62nd min: Oyabe #14 Hayata cut the lead by 1 goal, but Hanno won the game by 4-3.


Game No.56 11:40  at Fukui
Ritumeikan University Hollys – Shinryo
3 1 (1st) 0
2 (2nd) 1
  • In the beginnin of the game, Ritumeikan offensed aggressively, but Shinryo #26 Sekizawa saved it calmly.
  • 8th&22nd&29th min: Ritumeikan got PCs, but could not score.
  • 34th min: Ritumeikan dribbled through the circle and passed from #7 Sasaki to #20 Kono, and got a goal.
  • 57th min: Ritumeikan #23 Kinoshita scored the 2nd goal from #8 Tanaka’s pass.
  • 65th min: Ritumeikan #9 Ohashi dribbled past GK and scored the 3rd goal.
  • 66th min: Shinryo #14 Omaki scored, but Ritumeikan won the game by 3-1.


Game No.57 13:20  at Fukui
Fukui Club – Yamanashi Gakuin October EAGLES
2 0 (1st) 2
2 (2nd) 1
  • 1st min: Yamanashi #5 Fukui dribbled skillfully and passed to the front of the goal. Then, #4 Oie scored.
  • 13rd min: Yamanashi #6 Abe hit clearly towards the goal and #23 Asakura touched it into the goal.
  • In the 2nd half, Fukui who tried to catch up, attacked aggressively around #10 Mitsutani.
  • 39th&44th min: Fukui got consecutive PC chances, and #10 Mitutani slot the pass from #2 Tamekuni into the goal to get one goal back.
  • 48th min: Fukui got a PC again. Then, #2 Tamekuni’s dynamic shot shook the net.
  • As the game seemed to end, Yamanashi got a PS.#9 Sai scored and Yamanashi won the game by 3-2.


Game No.58 10:00  at Shimane
Tenri University Bears – Tokyo University of Agriculture
4 3 (1st) 2
1 (2nd) 1
  • In the 1st half, both team showed their fierce offense and defense, but could not get a goal.
  • 19th min: From quick passing, Tenri #23 Ishikawa opened the score.
  • 29th min: Tokyo AGR got a PC. #1 Ota’s flick shot shock the net to tie the score.
  • 27th min: Tenri #16 Ozawa scored to take a lead again.
  • 29th min: Tokyo AGR got a PC and #1 Ota’s flick shot tied the score again.
  • 31st min: Tenri #4 Matsumura got a goal from PC to make the score 3-2.
  • In the 2nd half, both team showed hard ball intercepting.
  • 45th min: Tenri got a PC and #4 Matsumura scored to pull Tokyo AGR away at 4-2.
  • After that, the game went on Tenri’s pace.
  • 61st min: Tenri got a PS, but could not get an additional goal.
  • 61st min: From a skillful dribbling, Tokyo AGR #26 Iwasaki got a goal to cut the lead by 1 goal.
  • Tokyo AGR attacked fiercely, but could not break the Tenri’s hard defense and the game ended.


Game No.59 11:40  at Shimane
Gifu Asahi Club (BLUE DEVILS) – Hosei University
1 0 (1st) 1
1 (2nd) 1
  • The rain from yesterday has stopped and the game started in cloudy.
  • The game went back and forth each other.
  • It was Asahi that got the first chance. They got a PC, but it was saved by Hosei’ GK finely.
  • 20th min: Hosei 39 Sato showed his beautiful dribbling and opened the score.
  • Asahi got a PC chance, but could not get a goal.
  • Both team had some chances, but could not make use of them and the 1st half ended.
  • 37th min: Asahi got a PC from their aggressive offense, but it was blocked by Hosei’s hard defense.
  • 44th min: Asahi #8 carried a ball into the circle and #20 scored from #8’s pass.
  • Hosei attacked into Asahi position, but could not get in the circle due to Asahi’s hard defense.
  • 64th min: Hosei #20 touched the pass from #9 and took one goal lead.
  • 68th min: Asahi got consecutive PC chances, but could not get a game-tying goal.
  • Hosei won Asahi by 2-1.


Game No.60 13:20  at Shimane
Nagoya Frater Hockey Team – Selrio Shimane
4 0 (1st) 1
4 (2nd) 2
  • In the cloudy sky, the game started.
  • It was Shimane that got the first chance.
  • 11st min: Shimane got a PC and #21 Takahashi scored by his strong shot.
  • After that, Nagoya held a pace of the game to get 2 PC chances, but they were saved finely by Shimane GK.
  • The 1st half ended by 0-1, even though Nagoya’s fierce offense.
  • 40th min: Nagoya got a PC and #14 Nagasawa scored by his dynamic hit shot.
  • After that, both team went back and forth each other.
  • 43rd min: Shimane got the 3rd PC chance. Then, #21 Takahashi scored to take a lead again.
  • 50th min: From a quick passing and skillful dribbling, Nagoya #6 Kawai score an equalizer.
  • 66th&67th min: Nagoya #10 Yamabe scored to take 2 goals lead.
  • 68th min: From a quick passing, Shimane #21 Takahashi scored, but the game ended by 4-3 with Nagoya’s win.



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