3rd Game of Men’s East Asian Games [Japan 2 – 0 China]

Japan Hockey Association 

3rd Game of the 6th East Asian Games (2013/Tianjin)

   Japan men’s national team lost Korea by 2-0 in the 3rd game of the 6th East Asian Games. The final with Korea (world rank 8th) will be held at 15:30 on October 13.

Game Result (local time)

Game No.6 3rd Game (16:00- October 12)
Japan – China
2 1 1st 0
1 2nd 0


  • 14th min (1st half) – PC – Toshiro Tachibana (Nagoya Frater Hockey Team)
  • 30th min (2nd half) – PC – Kei Kawakami (Nagoya Frater Hockey Team)

Game Report

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