1st day result of Men’s Unofficial Invitational Match with New Zealand [Japan 2-4 New Zealand]

Japan Hockey Association 

Result of Men’s Invitational Matches with New Zealand

   We announce the 1st day result of Men’s unofficial Invitational Match with New Zealand that was held at Auckland in New Zealand. New Zealand tema is consisted of candidates to represent New Zealand, including senior members. The 2nd game will be held at 16:00 on March 7 (Japanese Time).

Game Result

1st day (Mar 6) 12:30-13:50 at Auckland
Japan–New Zealand (Invitation Team)
2 1 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 4


  • 14th min (1st half) – FG – Takuro Sasaki (Surugadai University)
  • 28th min (2nd half) – FG – Miu Daimon (Tokai Gakuin University)

Game Report

※ The games from 1st to 3rd, are unofficial, so New Zealand team puts saddleclothes on. (Therefore, the reports does not show the numbers of New Zealand players)

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