Result of Trial Meeting to reinforce Men’s National Hockey Team

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Result of Trail Meeting to reinforce Men’s National Hockey Team

   From March 19 to 21 in 2014, 15 hockey players participated in the trial meeting to reinforce men’s national team at Gifu Pref. Green Stadium.  It started from personal interviews to measures of physical fitness and skill.  Through careful deliberations, the candidates were fixed unanimously. We regret to say that the players who are out of this trial selection will challenge for next trial meeting to make more workout.

Pass the selection of candidates to represent Japan

  • ALDER HANNO – Kitazato Kenji
  • Minoshima Hockey Club – Hiroki Sakamoto
  • Minoshima Hockey Clut – Kenta Tanaka 

Selected as a test member (Decided after domestic games 2014)

  • Ritumeikan University – Seren Tanaka

Recommend Junior candidates to represent Japan

  • Ritumeikan University – Takuya Kinoshita
  • Meiji University – Keisuke Kawamura
  • Meiji University – Miyu Tanimitsu
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture – Koji Nakamura

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