3rd Game of Women’s Friendly Match with Australia A – [Japan 3 – 1 Australia A]

Japan Hockey Association 

Result of Women’s Friendly Match with Australia A

   Japan women’s national team won the 3rd game of friendly match with Australia A by 3-1 at Fukui Prefecture in Japan with the total record of 3 wins.

Game Result (Japanese time)

official record

   3rd Game (11:00- Aug 29)
Japan – Australia A
3 1 (1st) 0
1 (2nd) 0
1   (3rd)    1
0   (4th)    0


  • 14th min (1st half) – PC – Shiho Sakai (Sony HC Bravia Ladies)
  • 10th min (2nd half) – FG – Yuri Nagai (Sony HC Bravia Ladies)
  • 8th min (3rd half) – FG – Yoshino Kasahara (Coca Cola West Red Sparks)

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