Announcement for a Hard-Hitting Measure for the Target Ages of Tokyo 2020

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Announcement for a Hard-Hitting Measure for the Target Ages of Tokyo 2020 

   Men’s Senior National Team, Samurai Japan abolished the single plan of making a national team from only Nagoya Frater Hockey Team at a congress meeting on July 12. In Asian Games, the entry member has been already fixed on March 28, and we do not consider having a workout for selecting members for Asian Games. However, from October 7 to 9, after Asian Games, a workout for a new Samurai Japan will be held at Fukui Prefecture. This workout is open to everyone, and every high school student, university student, amateur has a chance to challenge it.

   As of Women’s Senior National Team, Sakura Japan, we also plan that everyone has a chance to challenge a workout. Based on this plane, a high performance department defines U-16(Junior Youth), U-18(Youth), U-21(Junior) as 2020 target ages, and make a system that they can challenge one more ranked workout in order to find future players for 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Each manager, coach from Junior Youth, Youth and Junior comes together at a senior workout to hold a meeting at Gifu Pref. Green Stadium on October 8, for the purpose of developing young players of Tokyo Olympics and constructing a consistent body of sharing information of players with others.

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