4th Game of Men’s Group League in 17th Asian Games (2014/Incheon)- [Japan 1 – 4 Malaysia]

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4th Game Result of Men’s Group League in 17th Asian Game (2014/Incheon)

   Japan men’s national team (world ranking 14th) lost the 4th game of the group league with Malaysia (world ranking 13th) by 1-4. With the total record of 2 wins and 2 losses at 3rd ranking in Group A, they advance to the 5th place match at 14:00 on October 2 (Japanese time).  

Game Result (Japanese time)

official record

4th Game M18, A (15:00- Sep 27)
Japan – Malaysia
1      –    4  


  • 14th – PC #32 Toshiro Tachibana (Nagoya Frater Hockey Team)

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