Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014 – 13th day results (final section)

Hockey Japan League

Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014 – 13th day results (final section)

   We announce the 13th day results of the final section in Women’s Hockey Japan League 2014.

Women’s Japan League – Game Results

Official Game Record

Game No.49 10:00  at Hiroshima
Ritumeikan University Hollys – Tokai Gakuin University
0 0 (1st) 1
0 (2nd) 0
  • The 1st game of the final section of Japan League was started by an university game.
  • In the beginning, Ritumei, MF#6 Hatano, Tokai MF#6 Sasaki led a team and went back and forth at each other.
  • 11st min: Tokai #9 Shimizu broke through in a crowded area and opened the score.
  • After that, Tokai got a pace, but could not make a decisive chance and the 1st half ended by 1-0.
  • In the 2nd half, Ritumei launched hard offenses on Tokai, but could not break hard defense of Tokai.
  • Tokai won this university game by 1-0.


Official Game Record

Game No.50 11:40  at Hiroshima
Tenri University Bears – Yamanashi Gakuin CROWNING GLORIES
0 0 (1st) 0
0 (2nd) 2
  • The 2nd game is also an university game.
  • Both team showed hard pressing and kept offense and defense.
  • It was Yamanashi that made the first chance, but could not make a decisive shot and the 1st half ended without any goals.
  • In the 2nd half, Tenri launched an aggressive offense, but it was Yamanashi that broke the ice.
  • Yamanashi opened the score by #20 Fujii’s drag shot in PC.
  • With this current, Yamanashi got PCs in a row, and #2 Takada made a touched goal from a variation of PC.
  • It became a decisive goal and Yamanashi won the game by 2-0.


Official Game Record

Game No.51 13:20  at Hiroshima
Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS – Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies
0 0 (1st) 2
0 (2nd) 2
  • This is a game of Sony who is top of the league without losses and Nanto who ranks 3rd in the league.
  • From the beginning, the game became a speedy match, but gradually, Nanto responded to a speedy Sony’s game development.
  • 22nd min: Sony made a chance from the side attacking and #18 Nagai dribbled along the right back line and #12 Yoshiura opened the score.
  • 32nd min: Sony #10 Nakajima received a pass from the left and made a touched goal.
  • 45th&51st min: Sony never stopped their offense and #10 Nakajima and #17 Higuma who scored. Especially, Higuma’s goal is Sony’s play from right passing to goal.
  • Sony won a sweeping victory over Nanto by 4-0.


Official Game Record

Game No.52 15:00  at Hiroshima
Coca Cola West Red Sparks – Glaxo Smith Kline Orange United
2 2 (1st) 0
0 (2nd) 0
  • 10th min: Coca Cola MF#10 Yana’s pass led to #9 Arai’s touched goal.
  • 29th min: Coca Cola #8 Ono made a goal in the center of the circle.
  • The first half ended by 2-0.
  • In the 2nd half, Glaxo started counterattacks.
  • Glaxo launched offenses with quick passing, but they were blocked by Coca Cola’s hard defense.
  • In the offense and defense in the middle area, Coca Cola #9 Arai got a PS and made an additional goal, but could not make an additional goal due to Glaxo #18 Oie’s fine save.
  • After that, both team went back and forth at each other and could not make a goal, and Coca Cola won the game by 2-0.


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