2nd Game Result of Women’s Champions Trophy [Japan 1-1 China]

Japan Hockey Association 

2nd Game Result of Women’s Champions Trophy (2014/Mendoza)

   Women’s national team (WR 10th) drew the 2nd game with New China (WR 5th) by 1-2 in Champions Trophy that has been held at Mendoza hockey stadium in Argentina.

   Japan got one point and temporally ranks 3rd in a group league. The 3rd game with Netherlands (WR 1st) will be held at 8:30 on December 3.

Game Result

Official Record 


2nd Game (December 1) 2:00 at Mendoza
Japan – China
1 1 (1st) 1
0 (2nd) 0


  • 10th min PC – #9 FW Mie Nakashima (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)

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