U21 Men’s Malaysia Tour

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U21 Men’s Malaysia Tour

   U-21 Men’s national team starts the project for Tokyo Olympics as “Pre-Training Project and Malaysia Tour” from February 8 to 18. On 8th, they had practice games with Sugugadai university for the image of Malaysia games. On 9th, they had practice games with Kanto junior selection teams (head coach Tomo Miyata from Meiji university and each 3 players from Kanto university league 1st division). Now, university hockey players are conscious of Tokyo Olympics.

   In addition, on 9th, Professor Kenji Nozaki from Sugugadai university Economic and Commerce division, taught them the conditions, economy and nationality of Malaysia and he also wishes that Japan hockey becomes stronger. We really appreciate his lecture since this will bring players good results for Malaysia tour.

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