Results of Men’s Japan League 2015- 1st section 2nd day

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Results of Men’s Japan League  2015 (1st Section 2nd Day)  

   We announce the results of Men’s Japan League on the 2nd day of 1st section.

No.8 (April 19, 9:30) at Saitama
ALDER Hanno  vs. Selrio Shimane
6            0


No.12 (April 19, 11:00) at Yamanashi
Tenri University Bears vs. Gifu Asahi Club BLUE DEVILS
7       0


No.9 (April 19, 11:10) at Saitama
Nagoya Frater Hockey Team vs. Tokyo University of Agriculture
10            1


No.13 (April 19, 12:40) at Yamanashi
Oyabe RED OX vs. Ritumeikan University Hollys
0            5


No.10 (April 19, 12:50) at Saitama
Hosei University vs. LIEBE Tochigi
1            1


No.11 (April 19, 14:20) at Saitama
Shinryo vs. Surugadai University
4            0


No.14 (April 19, 14:20) at Yamanashi
Selrio Shimane vs. Yamanashi OCTOBER EAGLES
0            2



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