3rd place match of Women’s 4 Nations Tournament (2016/Australia) – [Japan 2 – 1 India]

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Result of Women’s 4 Nations Tournament (2016/Australia)

   Japan women’s national team (world ranking 10th) won the 4th game with India by 2-1 to finish the 3rd in the 4 Nations Tournament that is held at Darwin in Australia.

Game Result

Game No.7  4th Game (16:30- June 4)
Japan – India
2           1
  • PC : Japan-5、India-3
  • SHOT : Japan-4、India-4


  • 38th min FG – #21 FW Motomi Kawamura  (Yamanashi Gakuin University)
  • 42nd min FG – #19 FW Minami Shimizu  (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)

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