Results of Hockey WA F-H-E Cup (2016/Perth) – U16 Men’s National Team

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Results of Hockey WA F-H-E Cup (2016/Perth)

   We announce the results of Hockey WA F-H-E Cup that was held at Perth in Australia. U16 men’s national team finished 3rd to win the 3rd place match with MAS (BJSS).

Game Results

1st game Nov 24 11:30- (JT) – [ Japan  5-0 WA TAP1  ] 
Official Game Record
2nd game Nov 25 10:30- (JT) [ Japan  11-0  NSW BUSH RANGERS2  ] 
Official Game Record
 3rd game Nov 25 17:20- (JT) [ Japan  5-1 WA TAP3 ] 
Official Game Record
4th game Nov 26 10:20- (JT) [ Japan  1-1 1MAS TIGERS ] 
Official Game Record
Semifinal Nov 26 17:10- (JT) [ Japan  2-3 WA HEAT ] 
Official Game Record
3rd place match Nov 27  10:30- (JT) [ Japan  1-0 BJSS ] 
Official Game Record

Final Ranking

Ranking Team
Champion WA HEAT
3rd JAPAN U16
4th BJSS
5th NSW BR1
6th WA TAP1
7th WA TAP3
8th WA RAS

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