Results of New Zealanad Tour (Auckland Challenge) – U-18 Men’s National Team

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Results of U-18 Men’s New Zealand Tour

   We announce the results of Auckland Challnge that was held at Auckland in New Zealand. They finished this tour with the resuslts of 3 wins and 2 losses.

Game Results

1st game Jan 30 15:00- (JT) – [ U-18 Japan  3-0 U-18 New Zealand  ] 
Official Game Record
2nd game Jan 31 12:30- (JT) [ U-18 Japan  1-2  Takapuna(NZ)  ] 
Official Game Record
 3rd game Feb 1 12:30- (JT) [ U-18 Japan  2-1 U-21 North Harbour ] 
Official Game Record
4th game Feb 2 12:45- (JT) [ U-18 Japan  2-3 U-18 New Zealand ] 
Official Game Record
5th game Feb 3 12:45- (JT) [ Japan  4-1 U-21 North Harbour  ] 
Official Game Record

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