3rd game of 3rd Women’s World Cup Semifinal (2017/Johannesburg) [Japan 2-0 Poland]

Japan Hockey Association

3rd game of 3rd Women’s World Cup Semifinal (2017/Johannesburg)

Women’s national team (world ranking 11st) won Poland (world ranking 18th) by 2-0 in the 3rd game to fix the quarterfinal of 3rd Women’s World Cup Semifinal. The 4th game with Germany (world ranking 7th) will be held at 19:00 on July 16 (JST). The game is schedule to be broadcast on BS Japan  7ch “World Hockey 2017” at 18:30 on July 16.

Game Result

Game No.13 19:00
Japan – Poland
2 0


  • 36th min FG – #17 MF Hazuki Nagai (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)
  • 56th min FG – #16 MF Kana Nomura (Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS)

Interview with Hazuki Nagai


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