5-6th place match of 3rd Women’s World Cup Semifinal (2017/Johannesburg) [Japan 1-2 South Africa] – Sakura Japan finished 6th in World Cup Semifinal

Japan Hockey Association

5-6th place match of 3rd Women’s World Cup Semifinal (2017/Johannesburg)

Women’s national team (world ranking 11st) won South Africa (world ranking 13rd) by 1-2 in the 5-6th place match to finish the 6th in World Cup Semifinal. Japan has been already qualifed for World Cup 2018 in London. We would appreciate your continous support.

Game Result

Game No.31 20:30
Japan – South Africa
1 2


  • 35th min FG – #21 FW Yuri Nagai (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)

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