Results of Final Tournament in Men’s National Championship 2017 – Gifu Asahi Club won their first victory

Gifu Asahi Club won Meiji University to gain their first championship. The results are below.

Game Results


Date Match-up Game
7 3rd place match Yamanashi Gakuin University
University 1st (3rd last year)
2-0 Fukui Club
Amateur 1st (3rd last year)
公式試合記録 PDF
11/26 11:00
8 Final Meiji University
University 3rd
0-1 Gifu Asahi Club
Amateur 3rd
公式試合記録 PDF
11/26 14:00

Champion : Gifu Asahi Club Photo by Shigeki Sato

Final Ranking

Ranking Team
Champion Gifu Asahi Club (First Championship)
2nd Meiji University
3rd Yamanashi Gakuin University
4th Fukui Club


  • Shota Yamada (Gifu Asahi Club)

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