Semifinal of NZ 3 Nations Tournament (2018/Cromwell) [Japan 3-3 (SO 0-2) New Zealand] – Women’s National Team “Sakura Japan”

   ”Sakura Japan” women’s national team (world ranking 12nd) lost New Zealand (world ranking 4th, Host) by 3-3 (SO 0-2) in the semifinal to finish the 3rd in 5th Women’s Asian Champions Trophy that is held at Cromwell in New Zealand. 

Game Result

Game No.6 15:30
Japan – New Zealand
Game Report
0 SO 2           3


  • 17th min FG – #25 FW Mai Toriyama (Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS)
  • 35th min FG – #12 FW Yuri Nagai (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)
  • 40th min FG – #25 FW Toriyama (Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS)

Final Result

Team World Ranking
Champion Australia 5th
2nd New Zealand (Host) 4th
3rd Japan 12nd

FIH World Ranking is thda data based on May 8在

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