Final of 18th Men’s Asian Games (2018/Jakarta)- [Japan 6 – 6 (SO 3-1) Malaysia]

   Japan men’s national team (world ranking 16th) won Malaysia (world ranking 12th) by 6-6 (SO 3-1)  in the final to finish their first champion in the 18th men’s Asian Games. 

Game Result

Game No.38 22:00 (JST)
Japan – Malaysia
Game Record (to be prepared)


  • 8th min – #5 MF Seren Tanaka (Gifu Asahi Club)
  • 22th min – #9 FW Kenta Tanaka (Minoshima Club)
  • 51th min – #17 FW Kentaro Fukuda (Gifu Asahi Club)
  • 52th min – #9 FW Kenta Tanaka (Minoshima Club)
  • 57th min – #1 FW Koshi Yamasaki (Shiga Club)
  • 59th min – #6 MF Hiromasa Ochiai (LIEBE Tochigi)
  • SO – #1 FW Koshi Yamasaki (Shiga Club)
  • SO – #9 FW Kenta Tanaka (Minoshima Club)
  • SO – #7 FW Kazuma Murata (Oyabe RED OX)

Final Result

Team World Ranking Gr
Champion  Japan 16th A
2nd  Malaysia 12th B
3rd  India 5th A
4th  Pakistan 13th B
5th  Korea 14th A
6th  Bangladesh 31th B
7th  Oman 33th B
8th  Sri Lanka 38th A
9th  Thailand 47th B
10th  Indonesia (Host) A
11th  Kazakhstan 86th B
12th  Hong Kong 45th A

FIH World Ranking (at the date of August 30)

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