3rd place match of Men’s Asian Champions Trophy (2018/Muscat) [Japan 2-2 (SO 2-3) Malaysia] – Finished 4th

Men’s national team “Samurai Japan” (world ranking 16th) lost Malaysia (world ranking 12th, 3rd in the group league) by 2-2 (SO 2-3) in the 3rd place match of Asian Champions Trophy that is held at Muscat in Oman.

Game No.19 23:55
Japan – Malaysia
Game Record
2 SO 3 2


  • 18th min FG – #11 FW Kenji Kitazato (ALDER Hanno)
  • 48th min FG – #21 FW Yuki Wakuri (Fukui Club)

Final Ranking

Team World Ranking
優勝  India 5th
 Pakistan 13rd
3rd  Malaysia 12th
4th  Japan 16th
5th  Korea 14th
6th  Oman (Host) 33h

FIH World Ranking (at the data on October 16, 2018)

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