3rd game of FIH Series Final (2019/Bhubaneswar) [Japan 2-2 America] – Men’s National Team (Samurai Japan) – Advance to Quarterfinal

   Men’s national team (world ranking 18th) drew America (world ranking 25th) by 2-2 in the 3rd game to finish 2nd in the group league and advance to the quarterfinal in FIH final series that is held at Bhubaneswar in India. 

Game Result

Game No.8 22:30
Japan – America
Game Record
2            2


  • 45th min FG – #9 FW Kenta Tanaka (HGC HC)
  • 59th min PC – #8 MF Suguru Hoshi (LIEBE Tochigi)

Highlight Video

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