Announcement for Test Matches with Canada and Fukui Prefectural Team (2019/Echizencho) – Men’s National Team “Samurai Japan”

   Men’s national team “Samurai Japan” (world ranking 18th) has test matches with Canada (world ranking 10th) and Fukui prefectural team at Echizen town in Fukui Prefecture in Japan.

Name Men’s Hockey Test Matches with Canada and Fukui Prefectural Team
Host Fukui Hockey Association, Japan Hockey Association
Date June 22 – July 1, 2019
Place Echizen Town Asahi Sogo Athletic Field
Echizen town hockey Field (Court A)
〒916-0146 22-35 Asahi Echizen Town , Nyu District, Fukui Prefecture
TEL : 0778-34-2268
Admission Fee Free

Game Schedule and Results

Date June 22  14:30~ Fukui Club vs Canada (WR10)
2nd game June 23  14:30~ Japan (WR18) vs Fukui University of Technology
3rd game June 24  14:30~ Japan (WR18) vs Canada (WR10)
4th game June 26 14:30~ Japan (WR18) vs Canada (WR10)
5th game June 27 16:00~ Japan (WR18) vs Canada (WR10)
6th game June 30 14:30~ Fukui University of Technology vs Canada (WR10)
Final game June 30, 14:30- 7月1日 (月) 16:00~ Japan (WR18) vs Canada (WR10)




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