WMH Masters Hockey World Cup will be held (2022/Tokyo)

   World Masters Hockey (WMH) decided to cancel all the international maters hockey games in December, 2021 and Masters World Cup 2020 that was scheduled to be held in Tokyo 2020. After that, WMH gave Japan a prior right to hold 2022 Masters World Cup, and this time, it was decided officially.

Name WMH Masters Hockey World Cup (2022/Tokyo)
Content Club matches, friendly matches among different countries or ages over 60 years old
Schedule October 19-29, 2022 (11 days)
Placer ・ Oi Hockey Field (North Pitch, South Pitch)
・ Komazawa Olympics Park Sogo Athletic Field 1st Ball Park
Participant ・Men 60+、65+、70+、75+、80+ (vs. Countries)
・Men 60+、65+、70+、75+、80+ (Spirit of Masters = vs. club teams)
Section Over 1,000 players and officers from 20 different countries (Assumption)
Host Japan Hockey Association (JHA)
Official Recognition ・Federation of International Hockey (FIH)
・World Masters Hockey (WMH)
Administration ・ Tokyo Hockey Association (THA)
・ Japan Masters Bukai (MBK)

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