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In Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, both men’s and women’s hockey national team finished 11th, not to meet your expectations. After Olympics, we verified the method to strengthen them and had discussion to rebuild a new organization to aim for new challenge. This time, Japan Hockey Association (President, Hirofumi Nakasone) announced new Performance Development Committee of men’s and women’s national team as below.

On-site staffs such as men’s and women’s head coaches are under consideration by the new chairperson of the Performance Development Committee.

Position Name Age Hockey Profile
Men’s Performance Development Committee
Chairperson Satoru Miyata 64 Graduated from Meiji University
JHA Executives, Ex-Japanese International Candidates
1982- Coach in Meiji University Hockey Team
2010- Manager in Meiji University Hockey Team
2018- General Manager in Meiji University Hockey Team
Vice Chairperson Yoshinori Takahashi 57 Graduated from Agriculture of Tokyo University
Ex-Japanese International
1995-96 Coach of Men’sU21 Hockey
1996-02 Manager of Men’s U21 Hockey
1998-02 Coach of Men’s Senior Hockey
2018- Vice President of Performance Development Committee
Vice Chairperson Yuji Teramoto 57 Graduated from Meiji University and Tsukuba University Graduate
JHA Senior Executive, Manager and General Manager of Yamanashi Gakuin Hockey Team, Ex-Japanese International
1990-94 Coach of Men’s Senior Hockey
1995-00 Coach of Women’s Senior Hockey
2009- Manager of U21 Men’s Hockey
Women’s Performance Development Committee
Chairperson Yutaka Hirao 63 Graduated from Hiroshima University
JHA Senior Executive, Managing Director in Okyama Hockey Prefecture, Ex-Chairperson of Technical Committee
Vice Chairperson Michiko Matsuda 38 Born in Oyabe City in Toyama Prefecture
Studied in Melbourne in Australia in High School
Graduated from Melbourne University, and played hockey in high school and junior high school
Got Team of the Year in the University
After 2008, built a carrier such as a foreign financial institute, and a sporting goods company
Vice Chairperson Mazuki Arai 32 Graduated from Tenri University
Ex-Japanese International
2010-16 Affiliated in Coca Cola West Hockey
2017- Studied in Melbourne in Australia
2018.4-7 Coach & Manager of U-15 Women’s Victoria Team
2018.8-12 Played in Bundesliga 1st in Germany
2021 Translator in Tokyo Olympic Women’s National Team


Japan Hockey Association Officials
Sakamoto, Umemoto

JAPAN SPORT OLYMPIC SQUARE, Kasumigaoka 4-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 160-0013

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