Announcement for New President and Executives in Japan Hockey Association


To whom it may concern,

Please allow us to begin by extending our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support of the business operations of Japan Hockey Association.

   On June 11 when the regular annual meeting was held, the new 17 executives, 1 honorary president and 2 advisors were selected, and  a new president was decided in the executive board after the meeting.

   In addition, new president, Kazuyasu Misu attends the press conference for men’s and women’s qualification for the World Cup. We would appreciate if you could join the conference since he has greetings to persons whom may it concern and give an encouragement to the players.

President (Representative Director)

Kazuyasu Misu (65 years old)


Comments from Kazuyasu Misu, New President

This is Misu who was selected as President in Japan Hockey Association this time.

I would like to express my sincere respect for Ex-President, Nakasone’s ambitious reform and achievement of men’s and women’s Olympic experience, totally Japanese hockey development.  We, the new executives will intend to do all our best for hockey development without stopping his current. In addition, with my hockey experience, I make effort to develop and promote hockey with my hockey experience to contribute to rich make society more rich.


1979 Ma Graduated from Hitotsubashi University
1979 Apr Joined Mitsubishi Corporation
2011 Apr Assumed Operating Officer and China Food Industry Group in Mitsubishi Corporation
2014 Apr Assumed Operating Officer and Global Market Department Chief in Mitsubishi Corporation
2016 Mar Assumed President in Kanro Inc
2019 To the Present President and CEO, Chief Compliance Officer in Kanro Inc

<Matters Related with Hockey>

1972 Apr Joined Numazu Higashi Hockey Club
1975 Apr Joined Hitotsubashi Hockey Club (Captain in 4th grade)
2015 June Assumed Manager in Hitotsubashi Masters Club

Comments from Hirofumi Nakasone, Ex-President

   Left:Kazuyasu Misu Right : Hirofumi Nakasone
   New President      Ex-President

Since 2017, I had served as President for 5 years with your support. In 2020 Tokyo Olympics during term of office, I was impressed by the player’s appearance who did their best, even though both men’s national team “Samurai Japan” and women’s national team “Sakura Japan” could not get medals. The only thing I’m sorry about  is children could not watch the games lively.


This time, a new system was made, based on Sports Governance Code. The ratio of women’s executives and metabolism were achieved. Under the new president, I will continue to support Japan’s hockey in order to develop hockey more and more, as Advisor.


Executives (at the date of June 11, 2022) We’re sorry for Japanese. We will update it if the English version is readey


Honorary President : Motohiro Yoshida

Advisor: Hirofumi Nakasone, Masahisa Sato

Based on the regulation 2 in Sports Governance Code that is announced by Japan Sports Agency at June 10, 2022, we consider to optimize the scale of the executive board and secure the organizational diversity. With the change of the executive boards, executive directors outside become 7 (41%) and women’s executive directors become 7 (41%).

Press Conference

Date 14:00- June 14, 2022
Place 3rd Floor Meeting Room, Japan Sport Olympic Square
Kasumigaoka 4-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
* Reception starts at 13:30 at the same building
Media Request Please apply for media request from  (To media related) in our website.
You can attend the press conference in Zoomなお、Zoom
Zoom link code is sent via email address in a media request is submitted.
Submission Due Till 18:00, June 13, 2022
Participants Miura (New President), Head Coaches and players in both men’s and women’s national team


Japan Hockey Association Officials
Sakamoto, Yoshimitsu

JAPAN SPORT OLYMPIC SQUARE, Kasumigaoka 4-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 160-0013

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