2nd Game of 15th FIH Women’s World Cup (2022/Terrassa, Amstelveen) [Japan 3 – 3 South Africa] – Women’s National Team “Sakura Japan”

Women’s national team “Sakura Japan” (world ranking 10th) drew South Africa (world ranking 16th) by 3-3 in the 2nd game at Terrassa in Spain.

The 3rd game with Belgium (world ranking 7th) will be held from 1:00 at July 7 (Japanese local time).

* FIH World Ranking at February 17 (From the news of the world ranking by FIH official site at February 17, 2022

The competition is scheduled to be live broadcast in Watch.Hockey [Hockey Broadcasting site (* A free account is needed)

JapanvsSouth Africa
3 – 3

2nd Game Official Game Record [updated on July 6, 2022]


  • 3rd min FG – #9 FW Yuri Nagai (Sony HC BRAVIA Ladies)
  • 9th min FG – #21 FW Mai Toriyama (Nanto Ginko SHOOTING STARS)
  • 34th min PC – #6 DF Emi Nishikiori (Coca Cola Red Sparks)

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