9th-12th Preliminary Match of 15th FIH Women’s World Cup (2022/Terrassa, Amstelveen) [Japan 1 – 3 India] – Women’s National Team “Sakura Japan” Finished 11th

Women’s national team “Sakura Japan” (world ranking 10th) lost India (world ranking 9th, 3rd in the group league B) by 1-3 in the 9th-16th preliminary match to finish 4th in this competition.

* FIH World Ranking at February 17 (From the news of the world ranking by FIH official site at February 17, 2022

The competition is scheduled to be live broadcast in Watch.Hockey [Hockey Broadcasting site (* A free account is needed)

1 – 3

9th-12th Preliminary Match Official Game Record [updated on July 14, 2022]


  • 20th min PC – #5 DF Yuu Asai (Coca Cola Red Sparks)

Highlight Video

Final Result

  Team World Ranking World Ranking
After the Games
Champion Netherlands (Host) 1st 1st A
2nd Argentina 2nd 2nd C
3rd Australia 4th 3rd D
4th Germany 5th 4th A
5th New Zealand 8th 8th B
6th Belgium 7th 6th D
7th Spain (Host) 6th 7th C
8th England 3rd 5th B
9th India 9th 9th B
9th China 14th 10th B
11th Japan 10th 11th D
11th Ireland 12th 13th A
13th Korea 11th 12th C
13th Chile 17th 14th A
15th Canada 13th 15th C
15th South Africa 16th 20th D

FIH World Ranking at February 17 (before the games) and at July 18 (after the games)

FIH World Ranking at the date of February 17, 2022 (From the news of the World Ranking in FIH Official Site at February 17, 2022)
*FIH World Ranking at present (Select Women) [FIH Official Site]

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